Free Software

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  • Debian Developer since 2012 (and Debian contributor since 2009).

    Packages maintained:

    • scientific computing environments: Octave, Julia (until 2015)
    • several scientific libraries: BLAS, LAPACK, SuiteSparse, GLPK, several R packages
    • misc: Zotero, French hunspell dictionary, GnuCash (2011–2015)

    Other contributions: sponsoring, release critical bug fixing

  • Regular contributor to the Dynare project since 2006

  • Occasional contributor to Octave, Julia, OpenBLAS, LAPACK, GnuCash

  • Creator of two Julia packages:

    • NLsolve.jl: solving of non-linear systems of equations and mixed complementarity problems
    • Dynare.jl: prototype for economic modeling